Environment Agency – schedule of works

Cove Brook Greenway Group (CBGG) works with the Environment Agency (EA) to help to look after Cove Brook. The Group meets with the agency and Rushmoor Borough Council on a regular basis and receives communications and updates from the agency e.g. in case of flooding, pollution incidents etc. Recently the EA has contacted CBGG to give details of its schedules of work for the coming year, which include some planned work on Cove Brook. The information and documents supplied are listed here:

Environment Agency Flood Risk
Management – 2018-2019 Thames Tributaries Maintenance Programme
We are contacting you regarding the proposed river maintenance programme for the non-tidal Thames tributaries, due to take place in the 2018-2019 financial year. For an interactive plan of where we plan to do this work, please follow this link:
The sites, channels and areas we plan to work within appear as features on the map. You can pan around the map and zoom in to these features. Clicking on a feature will bring up a small pop-up with the location name, planned works and start date. Accompanying is a spreadsheet for your portion of the Thames listing each location and the planned activity start date.

2018-2019 Planned Maintenance Programme LOWER Thames

Also included is a guidance document on our maintenance standards.

2018-2019 Maintenance Standards

Signage Project

The Cove Brook Greenway Group has recently secured funding from Hampshire County Councillor Cllr Rod Cooper to install signage linking Southwood meadows to the path beside the Cove Brook at West Heath. As the Brook is piped for some distance (or is inaccessible),there is no brookside path from Cove Road and West Heath Road. It is planned that a new series of signs will guide walkers from the Cove Road end of Southwood meadows, through Highfield Path, Holly Road to the brook at West Heath Road where the path then follows the Cove Brook all the way to Hawley Lane.

You can see a map of Cove Brook Greenway here


The Group is working with Rushmoor Borough Council and local Ward councillors to try and get a defibrillator placed externally at Blunden Hall. Defibrillators are safe, easy to use and can save lives!

Wild Flowers

Where practical the Group is sowing wildflower seeds to try and re-establish and increase the number of native species growing along the Brook. If you see signs saying that wildflower seeds have been planted please respect these. Thank you.

New Projects and Ideas

New ideas for projects along the Cove Brook would be very welcome. Please Contact Us with your ideas.